I can't say enough about DTRS & their staff. We had a fire in July and they were so patient & great to work with at the worst time of our lives..They were so efficient in getting our belongings cleaned & returned to us. They were also able to save items that I truly thought were a lost cause. They worked with us on a personal level of which we had no expectation, and Kim & Katie are forever a part of our family.. We can’t thank them enough for their personal commitment to getting our lives back to normal.. God bless, Kim , Katie & DTRS....

Melissa Kerstiens

We had a house fire and lost 99 % of our stuff. Our clothes were saved but had fire damage...DTRS was able to clean and make them look and smell like they were new..They did an awesome job!! They were also helpful in getting some clothes and blankets to donate to us. I would definitely go to them with any issues due to smoke or even just dirty! 120 % happy!

Sean Gibbons

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