Mold Damage Restoration Services

Your Choice For Safe Recovery.

The DTRS Recovery team follows specific procedures to restore fabric items affected by mold damage.

Mold Damage Restoration ServicesDTRS Offers:

  • Safety. Your items are packaged for transport in containment bags.These bags are transported to our containment storage center so ordering and processing can be done cross-contamination free.
  • Protection. All DTRS employees receive proper equipment and training to provide the most responsive service. Safety protocols and guidelines are followed to ensure no exposure occurs.
  • Protection of the insured: We only process those items that can be guaranteed as decontaminated. Items that cannot be immersed in a cleaning system may be excluded.

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What Clients Say:

  • I can't say enough about DTRS & their staff. We had a fire in July and they were so patient & great... View More..
    Melissa Kerstiens

  • We had a house fire and lost 99 % of our stuff. Our clothes were saved but had fire damage...DTRS... View More..
    Sean Gibbons